Starting a Music Blog For the First Time

It seems almost passe to start a blog these days. In the age of vlogs, twitter & emoji's, it seems people have little time for reading anything longer than three words. As a person who chose to create music in a genre that people have many times called dead, it’s probably fitting I express my thoughts with this ancient artform of blogging.

This blog will be about my thoughts regarding music, the direction of music and the process of creating art in general.

I’ll try to keep a steady schedule, but bear with me if I go AWOL for days. I think bi-weekly will work for the present

I’ll also be discussing my music that is available on the site as well. Where the ideas came from and some of my thoughts regarding the tunes I compose. I won’t claim there will be groundbreaking knowledge gained there, but it should give you a good insight into the musical process.

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